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6 Best Segway Tours in San Diego for Families in 2024


You’re in the right place because the 6 best San Diego segway tours are all featured here.

I have vetted all the tours in this article to make sure they’re highly rated and well-reviewed — so all you have to do is book a Segway tour and enjoy!

If you plan on taking your children on a Segway tour, be sure to review the age requirements for each specific tour. Generally, children as young as 12 or 14 can participate in Segway tours.

Spanish Village Art Center

Don’t have time to read the full article? Book this Balboa Park and Downtown Segway Tour — with a near-perfect 5-star rating.

With numerous San Diego Segway tours available, it can be challenging to determine which ones offer the best experience. That’s where I come in!

Below, you’ll find 6 top-rated San Diego Segway tours, ensuring you make the right choice when reserving your next adventure.

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Segway Tours in San Diego for Families

Spanish Village Art Center

Balboa Park and Downtown Segway Tour

✔️ See Balboa Park and Downtown
✔️ Maximum 10 people in group
✔️ Accessible from 14 years

Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero Coast Segway Tour

✔️ See Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero Coast
✔️ Great price
✔️ Accessible from 14 years

Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego Gaslamp Segway Tour

✔️ See the Convention Center, San Diego skyline, Seaport Pier, and the USS Midway
✔️ Small snacks included
✔️ Accessible from 12 years

Top 6 Segway Tours in San Diego for Families

1. Balboa Park and Downtown Segway Tour

Spanish Village Art Center
Visit the Spanish Village Art Center midweek to avoid crowds and see artists at work. It’s a perfect spot to find unique, handcrafted souvenirs and engage with San Diego’s creative community.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2.5 hours | Check Rates and Availability

The Balboa Park and Downtown Segway Tour in San Diego is a premium experience that combines the thrill of Segway riding with the beauty and history of Balboa Park and downtown San Diego. This tour is an excellent choice for families looking to explore the city in a unique and exciting way.

Starting in the heart of downtown, you’ll Segway past San Diego’s gleaming skyscrapers and lovely parks, experiencing the urban charm of the city.

First time on a Segway and I was a bit nervous. It was much easier than I thought and the guide was fantastic!

Terri_S (see more reviews)

The tour then takes you to the world-famous Balboa Park, one of the largest urban cultural parks in the US. Here, you’ll be surrounded by stunning architecture, lush landscapes, and a rich history that your guide will happily share.

This tour is about 2 to 2.5 hours long, making it a perfect activity for families who want to see a lot without feeling rushed. It’s a semi-private tour, ensuring a more personalized and intimate experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this tour offers a fresh perspective on San Diego’s most iconic landmarks.

2. Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero Coast Segway Tour

Gaslamp Quarter
The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is a bustling historic district, famed for its vibrant nightlife, Victorian architecture, and diverse dining options.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 1.5 hours | Check Rates and Availability

The Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero Coast Segway Tour is an exhilarating way to discover two of San Diego’s most vibrant and scenic areas. This tour is perfect for families looking to add a dash of adventure to their exploration of the city.

Your journey begins on a Segway, gliding through the historic Gaslamp Quarter. This area is renowned for its Victorian-era architecture and bustling atmosphere, filled with trendy bars and restaurants. It’s a delightful experience to zip through these lively streets, feeling the energy of the city around you.

So fun! Kids and adults. Didn’t take long to master it. We all wanted to take it home! Sam was great and really nice.

jodi_l (See more reviews)

Next, the tour takes you along the Embarcadero, a stunning waterfront area offering gorgeous views of San Diego Bay. Here, you’ll pass by significant landmarks like the USS Midway and the Star of India, as well as the charming Seaport Village. The Embarcadero is a picturesque setting that provides a stark contrast to the urban vibe of the Gaslamp Quarter.

Throughout the tour, your guide will share fun facts and history, making the experience both educational and entertaining. It’s a great way to learn about San Diego’s landmarks and heritage while having a blast on a Segway.

3. San Diego Gaslamp Segway Tour

Gaslamp Quarter
Gaslamp Quarter is renowned for its rich Victorian architecture and lively nightlife

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2 hours | Check Rates and Availability

The San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Segway Tour is a fantastic way to experience the heart of San Diego with your family. This tour, known as the most iconic Segway tour in the city, offers a blend of fun, history, and sightseeing, making it a perfect family activity.

Starting with an easy-to-learn Segway lesson, this tour is great for beginners. You’ll quickly get the hang of riding these personal electric vehicles, making the rest of the tour a breeze. Glide through the beautiful parts of downtown San Diego, enjoying panoramic views of the San Diego Bay, and marvel at the stunning architecture and vibrant street life.

This tour isn’t just about riding a Segway; it’s an educational journey through the city’s history. You’ll pass through the historic Gaslamp District, see the Convention Center, and get a glimpse of the beautiful San Diego skyline. The tour also includes a visit to the Seaport Pier and the USS Midway, offering fantastic photo opportunities and a chance to learn about San Diego’s maritime heritage.

We had a lot of fun doing the Gaslamp District tour. We plan to do the Coronado Island tour next time.

Michael_M (see more reviews)

What sets this tour apart is its semi-private nature, ensuring a more personalized experience. It’s perfect for families looking to enjoy quality time together while exploring the city. The tour lasts approximately 2 and a half hours, striking the right balance between adventure and relaxation.

Booking in advance is recommended due to the tour’s popularity. It’s a thrilling journey through America’s Finest City, promising new friendships, experiences, and unforgettable memories. The tour is offered daily, upon request, and takes place in all weather conditions, so you can plan your family adventure with ease.

4. Private Balboa Park Segway Tour

palm trees near white concrete building under blue sky during daytime
In January, you can enjoy the various activities in Balboa Park without the crowds.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2 hours | Check Rates and Availability

Exploring San Diego’s Balboa Park on a Segway is an adventure that families shouldn’t miss. Imagine gliding through one of the largest urban cultural parks in the US, covering some of its vast 1,200 acres effortlessly on a Segway. This tour is not just a ride; it’s an immersive experience that combines fun, education, and a unique way to see the park.

Balboa Park is a gem in San Diego, known for its stunning architecture, lush gardens, and fascinating museums. On the Private Balboa Park Segway Tour, you get to see many of these highlights without the fatigue of walking. It’s perfect for families who want to cover more ground without tiring the little ones.

Loved Brigitte. Great personality and especially good with teenagers who might try to test the boundaries. My kids also loved her and thought the tour was “cool”.

Lisa_R (see more reviews)

What makes this tour special is its private nature. You’re not just part of a large group; this experience is tailored for you and your family. It’s a more intimate way to explore, with personalized attention from your guide. They’ll share stories and facts about the park that you might not discover on your own.

The tour is also a great way to bond as a family. Learning to ride a Segway together can be a fun challenge, and it’s something that kids (and adults!) often find thrilling. Plus, the two-hour duration is just right – long enough to see a lot, but not so long that younger family members lose interest.

5. Coronado Island Segway Tour

an aerial view of a large white building
The bright red-roofed Hotel Del Coronado is an iconic part of Coronado Island.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 3 hours | Check Rates and Availability

The Coronado Island Segway Tour offers a unique and exciting way for families to explore the charm and beauty of San Diego. This tour combines the thrill of riding a Segway with the scenic beauty of Coronado Island, making it a perfect family adventure.

Your journey begins in the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, where you’ll receive a thorough safety briefing and learn how to glide on your Segway. From there, you’ll head to the Embarcadero, enjoying stunning views of San Diego Bay. The highlight of the tour is the visit to the world-famous Hotel Del Coronado and Coronado Beach, where the picturesque surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for family photos.

Our guide Adam was very calm and helpful in teaching my family how to ride. My kids are 12 yrs and they were able to control the segway better than me!

Cathy G (see more reviews)

The tour is approximately 3 hours long, offering a comprehensive experience without feeling rushed. It’s a semi-private tour, ensuring personalized attention and a more intimate exploration of the area. You’ll enjoy expert narration throughout the tour, enriching your understanding of the island’s history and significance.

Riding a Segway adds an element of fun and novelty, making it an activity that both kids and adults will enjoy. The tour operates daily upon request and takes place in all weather conditions, making it a flexible option for your family’s itinerary.

6. Segway Experience Through La Jolla

La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove is famous for its sea lion and seal populations.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2 hours | Check Rates and Availability

The Segway Experience Through La Jolla is a delightful adventure for families looking to explore the enchanting beauty of “The Jewel” of San Diego. This tour offers a unique and fun way to discover the charm of La Jolla, making it an ideal activity for families.

Your journey begins with a lesson on how to ride a Segway, ensuring everyone is comfortable and ready for the adventure. You’ll then glide through The Village of La Jolla, taking in the sights of its picturesque beaches, such as Wind N’ Sea Beach and La Jolla Cove. These spots are not only stunning but also offer a chance to see California seals and sea lions up close.

Bridgette was awesome. She’s very patient and tentative to make all of us be comfortable with segway. She’s also very knowledge about the La Jolla in general.

VQTran (see more reviews)

La Jolla is known for its luxurious real estate and breathtaking oceanfront neighborhoods. As you Segway through the area, you’ll be surrounded by historic and modern architectural mansions, lush gardens, and the landscapes that inspired Dr. Seuss. It’s a visual treat that combines natural beauty with artistic and architectural splendor.

The tour also takes you past some of the best local surf spots, where you can see surfers riding the waves. Additionally, La Jolla’s world-class shopping and dining options are on full display as you pass by designer boutiques, art galleries, and oceanfront dining venues.

This 2-hour tour is a semi-private experience, ensuring a more personalized and intimate exploration. It’s a fantastic way for families to bond, learn, and create lasting memories. The tour operates daily upon request and is suitable for all weather conditions, making it a flexible and convenient choice for your family’s visit to San Diego.

Segway Tours in San Diego: FAQs

Segway Tours in San Diego
Have a blast on your Segway adventure!

Is the Segway tour worth it?

Thinking about trying a Segway tour? Well, it’s definitely a unique way to zip around and see the sights. Imagine cruising through a city, covering more ground than you would on foot, but without tiring yourself out.

It’s pretty efficient and a whole lot of fun. Sure, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but most people get the hang of it after the initial training session.

Just keep in mind, that these tours can be a bit pricier than your regular walking tours. And while they’re generally safe, always stay alert, especially in busy areas.

If you’re up for something different and want to add a bit of zip to your sightseeing, a Segway tour could be just the thing for you!

Do you tip for Segway tours?

Yes, tipping for Segway tours is generally a good idea, especially if you’ve had a positive experience. Just like with other guided tours, your Segway tour guide puts effort into making the tour enjoyable and informative. A tip is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and expertise.

The amount to tip can vary, but a common guideline is to tip 10-20% of the tour cost, similar to what you might tip in a restaurant. Of course, the exact amount can depend on the quality of the tour and your personal budget.

If the guide really made your experience special, you might lean towards the higher end of that range. Remember, tipping is a way to say “thanks” for a job well done!

What do you wear on a Segway?

Wear clothes that let you move freely – you’ll be standing and steering that Segway, so comfort is key. Definitely go for closed-toe, flat shoes for the best grip. You don’t want flip-flops or heels making things tricky.

If it’s a bit chilly, a light jacket is perfect, but if the sun’s out, think about a hat and sunglasses, and slap on some sunscreen.

And hey, try to keep accessories minimal – a small backpack or fanny pack is all you need.

Can kids ride a Segway?

Yes, kids can ride Segways, but there are usually age and weight restrictions to keep in mind. Most Segway tour companies set a minimum age limit, often around 12 to 14 years old. This is for safety reasons, as younger children might not have the necessary balance, height, or weight to control a Segway safely.

If you’re considering a Segway tour for your family, it’s a good idea to check with the specific tour operator for their age and weight requirements. Some companies might offer private tours or training sessions that are more suitable for families with children. Always prioritize safety and follow the guidelines provided by the tour company.

Segway tours in San Diego
A Segway tour is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a fun, efficient way to explore a new area, and you’re comfortable with riding a Segway.

Final Thoughts: Segway Tours in San Diego

Ziplining is a brilliant way to enjoy the amazing city sights that San Diego has to offer. This could be the highlight of your trip, or maybe even your whole year.

While this article featured the 6 Best Segway Tours in San Diego for families, you might still be undecided — so let me help you!

Spanish Village Art Center

Still unsure about the best San Diego Segway tour? I suggest this Balboa Park and Downtown Segway Tour — with a perfect 5 Star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If that one’s not for you, there are five other options in this article. Each one covers a slightly different area of San Diego, so you can choose what fits your interests best.

Spending a couple of hours zipping around San Diego, enjoying the iconic sights and a fun ride while grinning from ear to ear — Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!?

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